Petroplex Deploys Smartlodge to Boost Revenue and Manage Occupancy of Workforce Camps and Commercial Properties

Petroplex Deploys Smartlodge to Boost
Revenue and Manage Occupancy of
Workforce Camps and Commercial Properties


Reduction in billing


Visibility into all room and commercial space bookings


Increase in room utilization
within the first year


Oil & Gas


Permian Basin


Workforce Accommodations

PetroPlex uses SmartLodge to Elevate Remote Camp Management in the Permian Basin

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PetroPlex Properties leverages SmartLodge for its Permian Basin camps and commercial space rentals to increase room and rental utilization, streamline billing, and facilitate collaboration across departments.


PetroPlex delivers specialized workforce housing and commercial space rentals to the Permian Basin's oil and gas industry

PetroPlex Properties LLC specializes in providing workforce housing and commercial property solutions tailored to the energy sector in the Permian Basin. Their comprehensive service model includes remote lodging facilities, office spaces, versatile storage solutions, and RV rental space. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and collaborative partnerships, PetroPlex excels in community building and supporting the success of businesses and their workforces in this vital energy-producing region.

The Permian Basin's geological features make it a key energy production hub for major projects, expected to grow significantly by 2025

The Permian Basin is a key player in the energy sector, with significant developments boosting its capacity for high-volume production to meet future energy demands

The Permian Basin, spanning west Texas and southeastern New Mexico, stands as a cornerstone in the energy sector due to the region's extensive oil and gas reserves. Its geological uniqueness lies in its "stacked plays," which allow for extracting resources from multiple layers using a single well. This efficiency underpins the basin's capacity for high-volume production, making it an attractive hub for energy and construction projects. Among the key projects bolstering this region's development are two natural gas processing plants and the Bahia NGL pipeline-ambitious capital ventures funded by Enterprise Products Partners L.P., among others. These initiatives position the Permian as a region vital to meeting future energy demands, with output expected to see a notable increase by 2025.

PetroPlex expertly manages its remote accommodations, offering flexible stays and creating a community-focused environment that ensures satisfaction through personalized service, operational efficiency, and safety

Beyond workforce housing, PetroPlex differentiates itself by offering specialized services like office space rentals and RV park management, providing comprehensive solutions for the oil and gas workforce

PetroPlex's offerings are designed to cater to the transient lifestyle of workers in the region, offering accommodations and office space available for daily, weekly, and monthly stays. The company's remote accommodations foster an environment where workers can relax, recharge, and feel part of a community, even while away from their permanent residences. Additionally, their commercial rental space is designed to meet the operational and logistical needs of businesses within the Permian Basin, offering flexible and practical solutions for workspace and equipment storage.

At their remote camps and commercial rentals, PetroPlex is responsible for:

  • Ensuring guests are allocated rooms that best fit their needs, considering factors such as room type, location within the camp, and any special requests. This process involves strategic planning to maximize occupancy while ensuring guest satisfaction.
  • Efficient management of the check-in process. The process enables guests to complete their registration digitally and ensures they have a welcoming onboarding experience upon arrival.
  • Effectively managing linen changes, cleaning schedules, and general maintenance-while also coordinating these services based on occupancy, guest needs, and client agreements, to ensure a clean and comfortable environment.
  • Coordinating meal preparation, which involves planning menus, managing kitchen staff, and ensuring the timely provision of meals.
  • Managing an RV park, which provides accommodation options beyond traditional workforce housing. This service includes overseeing the allocation and maintenance of RV parking spaces, ensuring that each guest has access to necessary utilities and services.
  • Providing commercial space for rent, which may be used for equipment storage or office work. The service is structured to accommodate the fluctuating demands of project-based work in the region, ensuring that companies can scale their operations up or down as required.
Before implementing SmartLodge, PetroPlex Properties faced common industry challenges, including inefficient billing, manual audits, and suboptimal accommodation utilization

Petroplex faced challenges managing their workforce lodging and commercial space rentals

PetroPlex Properties has long been recognized as a trailblazer in adopting technology to enhance their diversified business operations. However, before the adoption of an advanced camp management system, several operational challenges significantly impacted the efficiency and overall guest experience at their facilities. Their challenges included the following:

  • Disjointed communication between departments (e.g., front desk, housekeeping, maintenance) led to delays in room preparation and unresolved maintenance issues. Housekeeping was often uninformed about check-outs or special cleaning needs.
  • Camp staff had to conduct manual checks by knocking on doors to check whether guests had checked in or out. For guests who had checked out, staff would sometimes charge guest credit cards before the night audit, resulting in room and tax charges not being included in the bill.
  • The lack of complete audit records for reservation bookings and modifications compounded the complexities of the invoicing process, especially for guest stays billed to a corporate account.
  • Managing office and warehousing space inventory without an integrated system also posed significant challenges for PetroPlex. Tracking available spaces and booking durations manually was inefficient and error-prone, leading to potential overbooking or underutilization of resources.
  • Managing daily, weekly, and monthly rates for commercial spaces introduced additional complexity, given PetroPlex did not utilize a system designed for dynamic rate management at the time. Their formerly manual approach made it difficult to adjust rates based on the length of occupancy for space rentals.
  • PetroPlex needed an efficient way to manage automatic credit card charges for their commercial spaces. Each time a contract for commercial space renewed, whether weekly or monthly, the credit card on file had to be manually charged. This process led to delays and inaccuracies in payment processing.
Before implementing SmartLodge, PetroPlex Properties faced common industry challenges, including inefficient billing, manual audits, and suboptimal accommodation utilization

Petroplex boosts revenue and elevates guest services with a PMS capable of automated billing, digital tracking of room bookings and commercial space rentals, and dynamic rate management

The deployment of SmartLodge has significantly boosted PetroPlex's operational efficiency and guest satisfaction. The company has realized various positive outcomes through its use of the system, including:

  • Improved utilization of rooms and commercial rentals, made possible thanks to SmartLodge's robust rooms and space management functionalities. The system enables the creation, modification, and cancellation of reservations, with full oversight into all past, current and future reservations for authorized users.
  • Faster room turnover by enhancing communication between the front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance departments, ensuring rooms were prepared in time for guests.
  • Provided complete audit trails for all reservation activities, inclusive of both room and commercial space bookings, fostering greater transparency and trust between PetroPlex and its diverse range of paying clients.
  • Reduced administrative burden by automating billing processes, creating custom charge codes for various billing items, including room charges and taxes.
  • Increased revenue thanks to sophisticated rate management tooling, which enables Petroplex to dynamically adjust room rates based on market demand, requested length of stay, and other factors. The same rate management functionality has also been utilized by staff renting out their commercial spaces as well.

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