Software for Workforce Accommodation

Flexible Software to Manage Your Remote Workforce Lodging


Elevating Efficiency in Remote Camp Management


Maximize Room or Bed Utilization at Camp

SmartLodge enables you to achieve up to 98% room utilization during periods of peak demand. Realize the greatest return on your investment by ensuring your rooms don’t go unoccupied.


Streamline Workflows Across Your Organization

Seamlessly coordinate every facet of remote camp management for all teams at camp. Enhance interdepartmental communication to enable greater collaboration across teams.


Reduce Administrative Workloads

Automate day-to-day tasks like creating room reservations or cleaning assignments. Save invaluable time and effort while boosting staff productivity and camp resident satisfaction.

For Workforce Lodging Anywhere, Any Size

Seamlessly oversee your workforce camp with unparalleled efficiency, regardless of location or size.

Aerial perspective of remote workforce camps operated by Right Choice Camps & Catering.
Rows of workforce camp buildings in a cold climate with snow on the ground outside.
Aerial perspective of a mining camp in Indonesia.
Hallway of a mining camp in Western Australia shaded by a large tree and surrounded by red dirt.
Aerial photograph of an oil sands lodge in Alberta, Canada.
Side view of a portable modular structure in the Permian Basin, Texas.
Aerial view of a mining camp located in British Columbia, Canada.
Side view of worker rooms at mining camp at base of mountain in Chile.

Rooms Management

Achieve nearly 100% room utilization before you build, buy, or rent
additional accommodations for your remote crews.

Flexible Ways to Book Your Rooms

Front desk staff can create reservations while checking guests in, blocking rooms for incoming crews, or reviewing room availability across your camp or asset.

Travel coordinators, department leads, sub-contractors, or authorized parties can book rooms through an online portal. Provide them access to full room inventory or set a limit on the number of rooms they can book (e.g., within a room allotment).

Quickly set up roster schedules for your crews. Auto-book room reservations days, weeks or months in advance for workers on rotating rosters.

Gain access to accurate and up-to-date room availability. New reservations and cancellations immediately update room inventory in the system, ensuring maximum room utilization and preventing overbooking.

Give department leads, contractors or other authorized parties the ability to forecast the number of rooms they will need in the coming weeks or months, to better predict room utilization across your camp or asset.
Woman sitting in a portable modular office structure sits at a desk and types at a computer.
Two women in corporate setting sit at a long desk and type at computers.
Fly-in fly-out workers walk on a dirt path towards the lobby of a mining camp.
Side view of a sidewalk lining closed doors that open to rooms of worker accommodations.
Portable modular structure built for worker housing in Texas at sunset.

Reception & Front Desk

Seamless Arrivals & Departures for Guests

Simplify and expedite the arrival process for guests after long travel days to camp. After guest departure, ensure rooms are marked for cleaning and swiftly turned over for the next set of arrivals.


Daily Arrivals & Departures Views

SmartLodge provides front desk agents with a comprehensive panorama of all daily arrivals and departures. The platform enables easy tracking of various guest statuses, such as: 'Cancelled’, ‘No Show’, ‘Checking In’, ‘Checking Out’, ‘In House’, ‘Future’, etc.


Digital Registration Cards

Eliminate paper waste and unnecessary printing with digital registration cards. This feature electronically captures signatures for mandatory documents at time of arrival. Example documents include Camp Rules & Regulations or Drug & Alcohol policy documents.


Live View of Camp Guests On-Site

Front desk staff have immediate visibility into room availability and occupancy with SmartLodge, providing a live record of all guests on-site at any given time.


Easily Re-Assign Guest Rooms

Reception staff can monitor the real-time status of each room within SmartLodge. If rooms for arriving guests are not ready, front desk staff can proactively re-assign guests to rooms that are marked as clean and vacant in the system to ensure a smoother check in process.


Batch Check Ins and Check Outs

Perform group check ins and check outs by filtering and selecting all guests arriving or departing en masse. For work crews that need to move their shift dates or that face travel delays en-route to camp, desk agents can easily roll over the arrival and departures dates en masse for affected guests.

Reception & Front Desk

Automate Check In and Check Out

SmartLodge offers optional automation features to further expedite check ins and check outs for camps managing large group arrivals and departures. Ideal for camps housing large workforces.

Reception & Front Desk

Increase Collaboration Between
Reception and Supporting Teams

SmartLodge automates the flow of room status and room reservation data
between the front desk staff and other teams working to support camp operations.

Woman in uniform types at desk in a small office setting.
Cleaning staff places clean towels on a bed.
Maintenance staff fixes a shower door, wearing a toolbelt.
Woman types and looks at computer in the reception area of a workforce camp with room keys hanging behind her.
Woman takes call and types at laptop with large window overlooking city behind her.
Workers walk down the long hallway of a work camp accommodation facility.
Woman in uniform sits at reception desk staring at a computer monitor.
FIFO workers in uniform walk down a dirt path next to a portable modular structure.
Two bunk beds in a room with a locker for clothing adjacent to them.

Words from our Clients

Besides dealing with rooms and travel, Camps & Crew has become an important information hub for many departments – Accounting, Construction, Food Services, Housekeeping and Laundry, Safety and Security are all using SmartLodge data for planning and day-to-day operations.

Group Lead, Mine Site Operations

Brucejack Mine, British Columbia, Canada

The system’s Batch Check Ins and Check Outs feature makes managing large work crews efficient, even with changing schedules and travel delays. The system has also greatly helped us to simplify the admin work required to make sure rooms get cleaned on time for our workers and contractors staying on-site.

Camp & Hospitality Services Manager

Remote Mine Located in Western Africa

The check in process and our housekeeping operations are probably the areas where we’ve seen the greatest benefit with the system. The ability to create custom charge sheets has also been a game-changer for our billing department. Our time to reconcile bills with paying clients has gone from a matter of weeks to hours.

Workforce Accommodations Lead - Canada

Integrated Facilities Management Company

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Streamline Cleaning and Maintenance at Camp

Transform your housekeeping and maintenance operations with robust system capabilities tailored to meet the unique requirements of your camp. SmartLodge offers unparalleled customization to seamlessly align with your camp’s configuration, occupants and servicing needs.


Assign Daily Cleaning Workloads

Housekeeping supervisors can delegate daily cleaning tasks across multiple rooms, dorms, or wings to their staff. The SmartLodge Workload screen shows housekeepers the status of all rooms and facilitates swift task assignment where service is needed most.


Set Up Multiple Cleaning Schedules

Create multiple cleaning schedules tailored to specific paying clients, companies, contractors, room types, or guest types. Manage a variety of cleaning intervals, from post-check out and mid-swing cleans to weekly, bi-weekly, and end-of-rotation cleanings.


Manage Multiple Levels of Service

SmartLodge allows for distinct service levels, from full clean to light clean, linen changes, bathroom cleaning, or garbage disposal. Service levels can be tailored to a specific client, company, contractor, or room type, depending upon the requirements of the camp.


Cleanings for Permanent Rooms

Equip housekeeping staff with the ability to monitor all rooms “permanently” assigned to specific guests. This allows for the strategic scheduling of cleanings on lighter workload days, giving priority to rooms needing immediate service before servicing vacant ones awaiting the return of the “permanent” occupant.


Maintenance Ticketing System

Easily create, modify, and track work orders for rooms requiring maintenance. Expedite the time it takes to resolve tickets for rooms out-of-service. In addition to camp staff using SmartLodge, guests may optionally be set up to create maintenance tickets for their own rooms via email or SMS.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Mobile Housekeeping for Faster Room Turnover

Equip your cleaning staff with mobile devices to fast-track room cleaning and maintenance ticket resolution.
Minimize latency between the time a room is cleaned and later assigned to the next guest.

With a phone or tablet, housekeeping staff can mark rooms as vacant and clean immediately after finishing a cleaning. Updated room statuses are immediately viewable to front desk staff, enabling them to assign rooms as soon as they are ready.

With a phone or tablet, housekeepers conducting daily room inspections can log if rooms are vacant or occupied and if they require cleaning.

Using a mobile device, housekeepers can quickly log maintenance tickets for rooms with damage or in need of repairs. Additionally, administrators can enable cleaning staff to capture and attach photos of the damage directly to these tickets from the device’s camera.

Supervisors gain immediate insight into their team's progress during a shift, ensuring cleanings are completed efficiently. If updates from cleaning staff pause unexpectedly, supervisors have the option to check in with their staff at that time.
Remote camp attendant studies a tablet in a bedroom recently cleaned by her.
Housekeeper in a bedroom constructed of modular construction studies a tablet she holds.
Maintenance staff fixes a drawer.
Cleaning person rummages through cleaning supplies in the hallway of a remote camp with multiple bedroom doors open and illuminated.

300+ Reports

Provide teams supporting your workforce accommodations with robust reporting to facilitate strategic decision-making, boost operational efficiency and heighten guest satisfaction.

Aerial photograph of workforce lodging placed on a grassy field with trees and sky framing the photo.

Critical Data Points for Every Team

SmartLodge reporting capabilities ensure that every team focused on your workforce lodging operations is armed with the information they need, when they need it.

  • Arrivals and Departures
  • View of All Guests In-House
  • Rooms Requiring Cleaning or Maintenance
  • Room Occupancy and Room Forecasting
  • Meals Consumption
  • Evacuation & Emergency Response

System Integrations

SmartLodge seamlessly integrates with various external systems,
ensuring efficient data synchronization and communication across all operations.

HRIS Systems


Electronic Key Systems


Accounting Systems


Point of Sale Systems


Additional Features

FIFO workers sit and chat in a locker room.
Guest profiles

Profile Management

Guest profile configuration is fully customizable. Track fields such as: First Name, Last Name, Company, Department, Point of Hire, Rotation, Permanent Room Assignment, Contact Info, etc. Guest profile data may be imported into SmartLodge during implementation or bi-directionally synced on an ongoing basis.

Fly-in fly-out workers in west Africa eat lunch at a messing hall in a modular structure
Meals Management

Meal Tracking

SmartLodge provides precise meal tracking via badge or keycard swipes at dining facilities. The system accommodates varied pricing models, including packaged pricing for all meals. Meals consumption data seamlessly flows into invoices, charge sheets, board bills, or other relevant billing documents.

Woman wearing a white collared shirt clicks on something as she stares at a computer monitor.

Accounting & Billing

SmartLodge offers customizable charge sheets and invoices, including customizable room rates and meal consumption details. The system supports versioning for approval or internal reconciliation, which can be auto-sent to authorized parties. Billing data can also be seamlessly pushed to external accounting systems.

Aerial perspective of a workforce camp in the United Arab Emirates.
Multi-site CAMP Operations

Manage Multiple Workforce Camps, Lodges or Villages

Manage multiple camps within a single asset or across projects with SmartLodge. System administrators can grant users access to specific camps, assets, projects, or regions. Robust system permissions ensure Management can provision authorized users with necessary camp access while also upholding stringent access control.

Apartment building designed with a modern construction style with multiple windows.
Property management

Manage All Types of Workforce Accommodation

SmartLodge is an all-encompassing property management system capable of managing diverse accommodation types. The system can manage: mobile homes or caravans, hotel room blocks, corporate housing units, homes shared by workers, or single-family homes for project staff and their family members.

Security check point with a gate that remains open.
camp security

Access Control at Points of Entry

Give security personnel stationed at guard shacks or points of entry access to real-time reservation data, facilitating swift and secure site access for authorized parties. Security personnel can also retrieve profile information directly from the system, if required.

FIFO workers congregate outside at a project site.
emergency response

Digital Mustering During Safety Incidents

Utilizing SmartLodge’s digital roll call functionality during emergency situations at camp, designated staff members can swiftly account for individuals across different muster stations. This system ensures everyone's safety during an evacuation by tracking precise headcounts and facilitating swift identification of unaccounted personnel.

FIFO worker smiles while looking at cellphone outside.
Guest Services

Guest Communications via Email or SMS

Initiate single or bi-directional guest communications via email or SMS capabilities. Communications may encompass: confirmation texts for guests en-route to the camp, notifications about room readiness after check in or sending daily menu options. This feature can also provide guests an easy way to report maintenance issues.

FIFO worker holds a dispatch device while working at a desk with multiple computers.
crew scheduling

Superintendent Schedule

The Superintendent Schedule includes detailed information such as employee name, number, shift, rotation, craft, location, and future daily room bookings. This comprehensive tool empowers superintendents with a panoramic view of crew rotations, facilitating accurate projections of on-site presence of specific staff, departments, or crews. Leveraging this report, superintendents can ensure the necessary accommodations are reserved and that the correct personnel from each department will be present on-site during all future rotations.

SmartLodge Fast Facts


Room occupancy averaged during periods of peak demand at camp


Visibility into real-time room status and room inventory


Faster turnover of rooms by housekeeping staff

000 Sec.

Average check in time for camps enabled with Kiosk Check In

SmartLodge EnRoute

Accommodation and Transportation Bookings in Sync

By leveraging SmartLodge and EnRoute as a single platform, companies can tie accommodation and transportation bookings to a single reservation, optimize resource allocation and increase communication.

  • Maximize Resource Utilization

    SmartLodge and EnRoute work in tandem to minimize un-utilized rooms and transport seats, increasing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Seamless Interdepartmental Communication

    Our integrated solution fosters increased communication between departments tasked to manage accommodation and travel, enhancing coordination by ensuring all rooming and transport bookings for a given worker are booked within a single reservation.

  • Robust Rostering Capabilities

    For workers on rotating rosters, your staff can auto-generate multiple reservations weeks to months in advance. These reservations can include both accommodation and transportation bookings.


Online Booking Tool for FIFO Travel Logistics

A booking tool built to enable companies to book and manage all of their FIFO transportation needs.

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Indeed, we do. We have developed SmartLodge to support any camp management or catering operation, with the ability to configure the system for a diverse range of remote locations and processes. The system can be tailored to meet the unique operational requirements of any camp or company.

The system can be configured to support any camp, lodge or village, no matter the size of your accommodations. Its core functionalities, including room booking and room assignments, cleaning and maintenance, and billing capabilities, provide essential value even to smaller workforce camps.

With roots in traditional hospitality, SmartLodge is adept at supporting the operations of any lodging facility. Relative to other software offerings built to support workforce accommodations, SmartLodge delivers superior features for online room booking, rates management, billing, and invoicing. These features can be particularly beneficial for open camps that may accommodate individual drop-ins, crews requiring short-term lodging, companies seeking overflow housing, or some combination therein.

SmartLodge runs remote mining camps, oilfield lodges, and workforce camps for remote construction projects. The system has been flexibly architected to adapt to the requirements of projects with different lifecycles across multiple industries.

SmartLodge elevates the experience of camp residents by complementing the tangible amenities your facility might already offer, such as nutritious meals, fitness facilities, recreation facilities, or lounges to unwind. Our software streamlines the important intangible aspects of the experience--ensuring guests can check in to their rooms swiftly, that their rooms are cleaned in a timely manner, that their maintenance requests are seen too-naming just a few ways. Our technology empowers companies to provide a positive experience at camp, ensuring workers feel comfortable, rested, and ready for work.

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