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At a glance

Premier workforce accommodations provider leverages SmartLodge across remote lodges to speed up check-in for camp residents, maximize occupancy and facilitate day-to-day camp operations across Canada and the United States.

About the client

Introducing Civeo: A global leader in remote workforce accommodations to the energy and mining sectors

Civeo is a global leader in providing accommodation for remote workforces, specializing in serving the mining, energy, and construction industries with exceptional lodging solutions. Their commitment to excellence ensures workers have comfortable and secure living environments, essential for thriving in demanding roles. Offering services such as workforce housing, modular facility leasing, catering and food services, housekeeping, and facility operations, Civeo stands out through its dedication to innovation and sustainability. By integrating advanced technologies and design practices, and fostering collaborative partnerships with a client-centric approach, Civeo consistently delivers world-class accommodation solutions that not only enhance productivity and foster a sense of community, but also support the success of remote workforces around the world.

About the Projects Supported

Civeo camps provide accommodations to key energy projects across North America

Civeo operates 20 lodges in Canada and the United States, encompassing over 17,000 rooms across in North America. These accommodations are strategically placed in areas with substantial natural resource activities, such as the Alberta Oil Sands in Canada and the Bakken Formation in the United States, both of which are renowned for their substantial oil and natural gas reserves. Civeo's lodges support some of the most significant and demanding remote projects in North America, where the extraction and processing of natural resources are central to the energy landscape and economies of Canada and the United States.

About the Remote Accommodations

Civeo manages large-scale lodges serving a diverse set of project operators

Civeo undertakes a comprehensive range of responsibilities to ensure the smooth functioning of their extensive network of lodges. By focusing on comfort, convenience, and community, Civeo caters to the unique needs of diverse fly-in fly-out workforces across Canada and the United States.

At their remote camps, Civeo is responsible for:

  • Managing room reservations and allocation for various work crews across project operators and contractors, ensuring an efficient use of room inventory
  • Overseeing daily operations on-site, which includes check in and check out procedures, housekeeping, and routine maintenance to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and functionality
  • Providing high-quality dining services, offering a variety of meal options to suit different dietary needs and preferences
  • Delivering recreational facilities, giving guests access to fitness centers, games rooms, and other recreational amenities to support their wellbeing while at camp
  • Providing detailed and accurate billing to its clients, offering transparency for charges related to lodging, catering, etc.
The challenge

Check-in delays, coordination between the front desk and housekeeping, and other camp operations proved challenging prior to the implementation of a camp management system

As a longtime partner of Camps & Crew, Civeo has always stood out as an early adopter of technology among remote workforce accommodations providers. The below bullets highlight some key operational challenges Civeo faced prior to implementing software to streamline the management of their remote accommodations:

  • Lengthy check-in wait times were a frequent occurrence due to charter flight schedules that would result in the simultaneous arrival of 100+ workers at camp, overwhelming front desk staff and causing frustration for workers after long travel days.
  • Suboptimal room utilization was a recurring issue due to limited real-time visibility into room availability.
  • The booking process was decentralized, leading to potential errors and inefficiencies as different lodges used varied methods for room reservation creation. Some lodges would coordinate individual room reservations via lengthy email chains, while others would rely on oft-outdated passenger manifests to create room reservations.
  • Poor coordination of room assignments was evident as the front desk and housekeeping teams struggled to communicate effectively regarding which rooms were ready for incoming guests.
  • Broken communication between the front desk and housekeeping led to challenges coordinating room cleanings and assigning rooms, sometimes causing rooms not to be ready for workers checking in.
  • Managing alcohol consumption in lounge areas presented a unique challenge, requiring manual monitoring and restrictions based on guest type and shift.
  • The invoicing process was complicated by the lack of complete audit trails for reservation bookings and modifications, leading to questions regarding billing accuracy. This issue was further intensified considering the varied range of paying clients.
The solution

Smartlodge expedites group check-ins, achieves optimal room utilization, streamlines day-to-day camp operations, and improves guest satisfaction for workers housed at Civeo camps

Implementing SmartLodge across Civeo’s lodges has led to multiple positive operational outcomes.By leveraging robust deployments of the system across their sites, Civeo has been able to achieve the following:

  • Reduced check-in wait times, as quick as 30 seconds, made possible with the implementation of Mobile Check In and Kiosk Check In, which together enable incoming guests to start the check-in process via a mobile device and complete their check-in at kiosks placed throughout Civeo lobbies. Keys for returning workers are activated at the kiosks.
  • Enhanced guest experience: the implementation of a Mobile Check In and Kiosk Check In has enabled guests to quickly check in and head to their rooms, reducing friction upon arrival and contributing to increased worker wellbeing.
  • Optimal room utilization–up to 98% during busy periods: attributable to SmartLodge’s live database of room inventory that tracks the creation, modification and cancellation of room reservations in real-time.
  • Improved coordination of room assignments thanks to improved communication between the front desk and housekeeping teams. Real-time updates on room status and availability allowed housekeeping to prioritize cleaning, ensuring rooms were ready for incoming guests.
  • A streamlined room booking process that enables various authorized parties to book rooms via an online booking portal–replacing previously disjointed and decentralized booking practices prone to inefficiency and error.
  • Streamlined invoicing process: SmartLodge simplified the previously complex invoicing process by providing complete audit trails of reservation bookings and modifications, greatly improving billing accuracy and transparency for Civeo.

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