SmartLodge enables companies in the energy, mining and workforce housing sectors to manage daily camp operations and forecasting across sites and projects.

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Camps & Crew is a technology provider dedicated to simplifying crew movements and remote lodge management. We work with workforce housing providers, as well as energy and mining companies, to streamline operations and cut costs.


SmartLodge makes check-in fast and simple at remote lodges

Enable crew workers to pre-check in from any mobile device

  • Assign rooms for guests that have checked-in via mobile
  • Prevent no-shows: ensure everyone on their way to camp has a room

Reduce check-in time

  • Reduce check-in time to under 30 seconds
  • Free up front desk staff and implement electronic registration


Connect housekeeping to the front desk and turn rooms over faster

Update room status in real-time

With SmartLodge ®, housekeepers can update the front desk about the status of a room via tablet or phone in real-time.

Expedite room turnover and analyze trends

Assess the speed of room turnover and maintenance repair trends with a set of robust housekeeping reports.

Streamline staff management

Schedule staff based on occupancy or rotation, assign staff to specific room types or wings, and track staff performance.

Online Room Booking & Allocation

View availability and book rooms online from a central portal

  • SmartLodges give booking coordinators the ability to book rooms for crews on a regular rotation or on an ad-hoc basis from the web
  • Allocate room types based on crew member preference, seniority, or work schedule

Multiple Lodge Booking

Book a room at any of your lodge sites from a single system

Complete with call center capabilities, the SmartLodge®  platform allows for bookings across multiple properties in a single system.

Safety & Security

SmartLodge helps you keep your crew safe and data secure


In case of an emergency, ensure your crew is present and accounted for by managing muster station rosters electronically.

Certification Management

Make safety a priority and plan shifts efficiently by housing certifications in a crew member profile and relevant to all functions in the site.

Role-Based System Access

Only give authorized users the ability to track reservation modifications in SmartLodge, in case of the need for historical review.


Customized reporting provides management with unparalleled visibility into lodge trends and metrics

Popular SmartLodge Reports include:

Flash Report

Gain a quick look into key lodge stats. Historical data lets you view totals for any date, past or present.

  • Total Rooms Sold
  • Occupancy
  • Maintenance Holds
  • Revenue
  • Arrivals & Departures

Accounting Report

Ensure accounting accuracy by exporting all charges into a report complete with customized charge codes.

Crew Schedule Report

Track the arrivals and departures of crew members to plan shifts and assign rooms accordingly.


Central, Secure Profiles

Built as a profile-based system, SmartLodge ® ensures personal information is securely tied to a crew member’s profile and viewable only by authorized parties.

Popular fields tracked within crew member profiles:

  • Room Type Preferences
  • Meal Preferences
  • Shift Schedule
  • Safety Certifications
  • Sizing for life vests or flight suits

User-Definable Profile Fields

User-definable fields give you the ability to customize the information you need to collect and store related to your crew.

Accounting & Billing

Maintain accurate billing records to make sure you’re always paid the correct amount, on-time.

Multiple Billing

Bill multiple clients and visitors using one system.

Export Purchases

Export on-site purchases to a charge sheet with user definable charge codes.

Account Integration

Integrate with your existing accounting system.

Systems Integration

SmartLodge integrates with your existing systems to enhance security, process payments, and streamline accounting

Some popular integrations include:

Key Services

Accounting Software

Point of Sale


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