Remote Workforce

SmartLodge was built to streamline every aspect of Remote Workforce Accommodation management. We know you work tirelessly to provide the best experience for your guests. We’re here to work for you.


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Cut Costs

Key Objectives

  • Fill All Available Camp Rooms 
  • Operate Charters at Max Capacity 
  • Forecast Meals & Reduce Waste

Fill all available lodge rooms

SmartLodge ensures room status is always to up-to-date and ensures occupancy is accurate. Rest easy knowing you are getting the most out of your lodge rooms by operating at max capacity when heavy crew rotations require.

Fill seats on charter busses and flights

No more half-empty buses or charter flights. With instant access to seat availability on your charter buses or chartered flights, you can fill every seat and get the most out of your fleet. You can even down-gauge your fleets when low seat utilization indicates you are operating larger vehicles or aircraft than needed.

Accurately forecast meals

Decrease food waste and reduce spend by ensuring food forecasts do not exceed the needs of your crew personnel or lodge staff on-site.


When a property management tool is combined with an online booking tool, room occupancy increases 37%.


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