Move your crews whether by air, land, or sea, EnRoute ® makes it easy to book and manage every segment of your crew movements.

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Move your crews whether by air, land, or sea, EnRoute ® makes it easy to book and manage every segment of your crew movements.


Charters & Fleets

Book your crew on charter flights, busses, shuttles or boats. Maximize utilization by filling every seat.

Commercial Content

Gain access to rich GDS content and your negotiated airfares for ERM crew travelers.

Consolidated Itinerary

Provide your crew travelers with a consolidated itinerary that lists all their bookings in one place.

Reservations in Sync

When all reservations are managed in one system, changing and cancelling travel plans is easy.

Crew Traveler Profiles

Safely and securely store key data points for easy access to essential crew member information.

Charters & Fleets

Book and manage your charter flights and ground transportation fleets including charter flights, helicopters, busses, and vehicle fleets.

Fill every seat

With access to real-time data, you’ll always know how many seats you have left on charter flights and scheduled fleet vehicle trips.

Downsize craft or fleets to cut cost

Analyze historical utilization of your charter flights or bus fleets to determine if you need to downgauge aircraft or reduce the number of trips you operate.

Commercial Travel

Book flights with your preferred carriers and gain access to exclusive content 

Multi-GDS Content

Book flights, hotels and rental cars sourced from Sabre or Amadeus.

Negotiated Rates

Gain access to negotiated rates or marine fares. No agent-assisted bookings required.

Exclusive Direct Connects

Book air content only available via Direct Connect with select airlines in North America.

Consolidated Itinerary

Reservations for every segment, in a single itinerary

  • Commercial flights
  • Charter flights & ground transportation
  • Room reservations at the lodge

Travel & Room Reservations in Sync

Disparate travel bookings are costly and have plagued the energy and mining industries for decades.

Pair Commercial & Non-GDS Travel 

With EnRoute, you can manage GDS content, charter flights and fleet vehicles in a single system.

Pair Travel & Rooms

When EnRoute is paired with the SmartLodge ® property management system, travel and room bookings flow seamlessly together to eliminate no shows and go shows.

Goodbye No Shows

40% of crew travel reservations are subject to changes or cancellation. EnRoute lets travel coordinators know if any segment of an itinerary has changed, eliminating no shows for contingent travel and associated room reservations.

Goodbye Go Shows

Make sure every head gets a bed. EnRoute will alert staff if a crew member is traveling to camp without a room booked so a room is located prior to arrival.

Crew Traveler Profiles

Customize the data you store about your crew to ensure your travel coordinator team has the information they need. You can track:

  • Passenger weights
  • Safety certification level
  • Seniority level
  • Crew type
  • Staff or craft

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