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Amman Mineral Maximizes Occupancy Across Worksite Accommodations Housing 8,000 on Island of Sumbawa, Indonesia

About The Client

Meet Amman Mineral: A world-class Indonesian mining company that operates Indonesia’s second largest copper and gold mine, the Batu Hijau mine

Amman Mineral aims to create a “legacy of best” in the Sumbawa Barat Regency of Indonesia. The company’s focus on excellence has enabled the Batu Hijau mine to surpass production expectations, fueled in large part by the company’s proactive adoption of technological and mechanical innovations. To date, the mine has produced 8.78 billion pounds of copper and 8.7 million ounces of gold, laying claim to up to 95% of the Sumbawa Barat Regency’s gross income.

About the Operation

Amman Mineral manages remote housing sites with a maximum capacity of 8,000 workers at Batu Hijau mine on island of Sumbawa, Indonesia

Production at the Batu Hijau mine commenced in March of 2000. After scaling operations at the mine for nearly two decades, the company embarked on various operational, organizational and cost optimization initiatives in 2017. By 2020, Amman Mineral had produced a 10% higher copper recovery rate than its previous owner. With a sustained focus on maximizing operational efficiencies, Amman turned to Camps & Crew to streamline the management of its large-scale crew accommodations, which encompass a variety of on-site camps, off-site camps and worker apartments.

At the Batu Hijau mine, Amman is tasked to:

  • Manage bed allocation across 7,000+ rooms for 8,000 staff, contractors and subcontractors at a variety of housing facilities
  • Manage multiple-occupancy rooms that accommodate 2+ workers on shared and alternating cross-shift schedules
  • Ensure bed bookings match “room entitlements,” a room type designation specific to Amman that lives on the crew profile of each worker
      • A worker’s “room entitlement” is governed by their staff type and/or seniority level
  • Check in large incoming work crews at multiple locations throughout the project during and after normal business hours
  • Manage other day-to-day activities, including: housekeeping, maintenance, meals, accounting, etc.
The Challenge

Manual management of bed allocation made beds hard to fill and produced inaccurate and fragmented occupancy data

Before implementing SmartLodge, Amman managed bed assignments across their various housing facilities with a multitude of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets were updated by Amman personnel working at lodging facilities across the project. Given the size of the project and the frequency with which bedding reservations needed to be modified or canceled due to changing rotation schedules, making the most of the bed space available across Amman camps and worksite apartment complexes proved challenging.

More specifically, Amman faced the following challenges:

  • Amman personnel were unable to book into real-time bed inventory–data related to bed occupancy was updated manually in shared spreadsheets and was not connected to a live database
  • Front desk staff had no means to assign workers to beds and room types that matched their designated “room entitlements”
  • System administrators did not have the ability to allocate a specific quantity of beds to different room types and book against that quantity of beds
  • Without a unified guest profile, cross-shift schedules were hard to account for when placing crew workers in rooms
  • Check-in wait times could last over an hour when large crews arrived at the project site
  • Data inaccuracy made it difficult for Amman management to assess the utilization of their various housing types across the project site
The Solution

SmartLodge increases bed utilization across camps and worker apartment complexes and provides real-time occupancy data to senior management at Amman

After implementing SmartLodge at the Batu Hijau project, Amman staff up and down the chain of command now have a unified property management system that streamlines day-to-day operations at their various worker housing facilities and provides robust insights into bed occupancy.

  • Bed occupancy has increased to 95% across worker lodging facilities, powered by robust bed allocation logic built to account for crew worker “room entitlements” and complex cross-shift schedules.
  • SmartLodge has drastically reduced the time required of front desk staff to allocate beds to workers traveling to site with custom bed allocation logic and tapecharting.
  • SmartLodge has increased guest satisfaction across Amman staff, contractors and sub-contractors by ensuring all workers are assigned to the correct room type based on the “room entitlement” listed in their guest profile.
  • Front desk staff are able to expedite check-in or large crews with an accurate roster of incoming guests available ahead of time.
  • SmartLodge transformed the guest profile into a single source of truth for Amman housing staff by integrating data pulled from various HR and ERP systems.
  • SmartLodge data powers robust, bespoke occupancy dashboards that give Amman management full oversight into occupied beds and badge swipes across the Batu Hijau mine, refreshed every 10 minutes.  
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