Crew workers housed


Room occupancy during peak construction


Duplicate room bookings reduced to zero

Canadian Oil Sands Lodges, Home to 7000 Workers, Achieves 98% Room Occupancy

About The Client

Meet Civeo: An expert in remote workforce accommodation

Civeo is a world class remote accommodation specialist dedicated to project success and guest well-being. A trusted housing provider in the energy, mining and construction sectors, Civeo owns and operates seventeen camps and lodges across North America and Australia. At camp, Civeo provides comprehensive on-site catering and facilitiesmanagement. By providing best-in-class accommodation, Civeo supports clients in attracting and retaining qualified workers who are vital to the success of their remote projects.

About the Operation

Civeo trusted to manage thousands of room bookings across multiple sites and day-to-day lodge operations

In 2008, Civeo was brought on by the Fluor Corporation—a construction firm contracted by Kearl Project owner Imperial Oil—to assist with online room bookings and to provide camp management and catering services for five lodges serving the Kearl Oil Sands Project. Civeo worked closely with the Fluor Corporation to facilitate various aspects of the project’s accommodation needs, including:

  • Room allocation for work crews from 30 sub-contractors (totaling 7,000 crew workers)
  • Managing frequent changes and cancellations to room reservations
  • Maximizing room occupancy across five sites and forecasting room needs
  • Providing day-to-day camp management and catering services to five lodges
  • Tracking meals for 2,500 workers while minimizing food waste and cutting costs
The Challenge

Manual processes, data latency, and inaccuracy pose challenges at project housing

As the Kearl Project scaled towards production, Civeo and Fluor attempted to manage thousands of room reservations on spreadsheets and relied on an antiquated software program to manage day-to-day operations at camp. The challenges that both companies shared prior to implementing the Camps & Crew SmartLodge platform included:

  • Room bookings were completed manually by travel coordinators at Civeo and Fluor via email
    • A single room booking required 11 back-and-forth emails between Civeo and Fluor (on average) and several days to finalize
  • 30 sub-contractors had no way to book their own rooms and depended on coordinators at Fluor and Civeo to field thousands of room requests monthly
    • Coordinators at each respective company had no way of knowing if reservations had been cancelled or whether reservation changes had been tracked and/or communicatedproperly by the other company
    • Lodge occupancy typically did not exceed 65% due to consistent inaccuracy
  • Front desk staff had no reliable way to know whether a room was clean and vacant in real-time
    • The front desk relied on housekeeping staff to physically turn over paper room status reports at the end of their shift, which were frequently inaccurate
    • Front desk staff manually generated housekeeping schedules and room assignments, sending housekeepers to already clean rooms and leaving other rooms without cleaning for extended periods
The Solution

SmartLodge maximizes room utilization and connects siloed departments across companies and lodges

When the workforce at the Kearl Project grew to 7,000, consisting of workers from over 30 sub-contracted firms, Civeo turned to the Camps & Crew SmartLodge platform to streamline the room reservation process, increase room occupancy and facilitate the day-to-day operations at the five lodges. After the implementation of SmartLodge, personnel at both Civeo and Fluor achieved greater efficiency across sites and mitigated cost thanks to various SmartLodge features. Key efficiencies included:

  • Room occupancy at Civeo lodges averaged 98% during peak production after travel coordinators at Civeo and authorized subcontractors were trained to book rooms via the SmartLodge online room reservation portal.
  • Both organizations gained access to real-time operational data and reporting housed in SmartLodge, including: current room occupancy across lodges, room occupancy forecasting by site or asset, meal forecasting, arrivals and departures reports, room status and linen reports, and more.
  • Smartlodge expedited the turnover of clean rooms from housekeeping to the front desk by digitizing and streamlining communication between the two departments, increasing the rate of room turnover by up to 72%.
  • SmartLodge enabled Civeo to eliminate duplicate room bookings altogether.

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